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Website Exit Options

Image reads, Meet Naomi: Safety
Meet Naomi: Safety

I recently updated my website and I understand that sometimes people have privacy and safety concerns with someone knowing they are seeking legal services. With this in mind, I created a reasonably quick way to exit my website should someone have these concerns.

The "Exit" option is only useful if someone enters the room or comes close to their shoulder and they need to quickly exit the site. This option will not prevent someone from going through browser history or prevent someone knowing a user visited this or any site if monitoring happens remotely.

Additional steps, if safe to do so, that may be taken to practice online safety include:

  • Access websites from a device you are certain is not being monitored remotely

  • Sign out of all email and social media accounts when browsing and visiting certain websites

  • Browse in "Incognito" or turn on "Do Not Track" settings

  • Clear your browser history regularly

  • Clear and/or change your passwords regularly (and do not use the same password for different accounts)

  • Use a VPN to potentially increase browsing safety

Nothing in this post or elsewhere on this site contains legal advice or constitutes a lawyer-client relationship. Contact Naomi directly if you would like discuss how she can help you.


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