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Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Naomi discusses FAQs.

This is a list of general FAQs which is available here.

For Students and Legal Professionals

I would like to talk with you about X.

Please book a time to chat here and select “Priority”.

General tips for students looking to speak to me:

  • I do not answer questions that can be answered via Google. For example, “Why did you go to law school?” has been answered in articles I written or been interviewed for. If you are struggling with asking questions, I recommend preparing a list of information you are seeking and stating you are unsure about how to ask the question.


For Legal Inquiries

Can you help me with X?

Please review my website. This will be my standard reply to any inquiry across any platform.

Can we connect/I would like to meet you/I would like to chat with you about X?

Unless you have a question about legal services, I do not entertain “connection” or “conversation” calls from the general public. You are invited to book a legal consultation and pay the required fee to answer questions regarding your legal matter. If you are unsure about whether I can assist with your matter, you can select “legal information” in my calendar.

How much are you legal fees?

You should be determining whether I can assist with your matter first and the best way to do that is by contacting me via my website which you will receive an automated reply that contains my practice areas and a referral list as well as details about consultation fees. My legal fees depend on the matter, including urgency, complexity, number of parties, etc.

Can you refer me to someone in an area you do not practice in?

My referral list is here. If you are requesting other referrals, you should be reviewing the provincial bar (Law Society of Ontario, Law Society of Alberta, etc) directory of lawyers which can be found via Google.

How do I book a consult?

You must book a consult here. Invoice will be sent prior to meeting. You must pay same prior to the consult. If you cannot pay, you can see my referral list to access pro bono services.


For Media Inquiries

I would like to do a pre-media interview on X.

I do not do pre-media interviews. You can contact me through my website if you wish to speak to me on the record about a topic.

I would like interview you on X.

You are free to call me at 705-230-0712. If I am unable to answer your call, you should be contacting me through my website. Media Inquiries must have the following laid out in their contact request:

1. Name of interviewing journalist

2. Name of media outlet

3. Method of interviewing

4. Date/time preferred of interview

5. Other individuals interviewed on the topic

6. List of past work published on the topic (Note: This is required for any journalist working on sex work issues and if you have no previously published work, I will not be speaking to you).

I am a student and would like to interview you on X for a school project.

If you are a student, please provide the above information via my website, providing your school email along with your course details.


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