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Naomi's privacy practice.

Naomi helps individuals and business understand privacy laws and understand their rights or obligations in the event of a privacy breach. With her understanding federal and provincial legislation governing privacy rights and obligations, she can assist you develop your plans to implement and ensure compliance. Naomi has worked on highly sensitive and politically charged matters involving invasions of privacy. She initiates, defends and/or responds to claims involving invasions of privacy.

Naomi has advised a range of organizations on privacy matters from non-profit organizations, government entities to projects conducting research in Indigenous communities. The one example she is most proud to share includes having her recommendations for consulting vulnerable and marginalized groups in a public process accepted by a large municipality. Her recommendations ensured procedural fairness while balancing the privacy rights of participants, providing these groups a chance to participate in a public process.

She can advise on management of personal information, employee information, or management of privacy complaints and privacy breaches, including invasions of privacy.

Naomi is also available to assist with matters concerning access to information and privacy requests, freedom of information requests or personal health information requests.


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