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Indigenous Law

Naomi's Indigenous law practice.
Indigenous Law

Naomi has worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from constitutional challenges to treaty rights projects. Naomi advises and teaches regularly on the impact of government acts and policies on Indigenous rights and treaty rights.

Previously in-house counsel for a publicly traded company, Naomi worked on negotiations involving First Nations all over Ontario. She has a deep understanding how provincial and federal governments work with external stakeholders. Naomi has also worked on key projects that impacted First Nations including the Niagara Reinforcement Project. She understands mining, oil & gas, electricity and renewable energy development from a unique perspective, and she can bring this unique perspective to all individual, corporate or community circumstances.

Naomi represents individual First Nations members on a range of matters including employment, human rights or privacy matters. Naomi has experience advising employees under the Canada Labour Code, and she helps employees access their rights. She also advises on governance matters including bylaws, negotiations, membership, trespass, human resources and policy development. Naomi has a particular focus on developing good governance practices. She understands the unique issues facing many Indigenous communities, having lived and worked in various communities across Canada.


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