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Naomi's Practice

Naomi is pleased to announce some changes to her law practice. She continues not to practice family law/child protection, wills/estates, MVA files and will only be taking on certain criminal matters at the trial level; she will continue to take on both criminal and civil files at the appellate level. See more information below or here:

Naomi is a well-regarded advocate and lawyer. Licensed to practice in Alberta and Ontario, she offers legal services on a limited basis in some jurisdictions (i.e. Manitoba). Other lawyers often consult her on niche issues in the energy sector, and regarding complex civil or constitutional litigation. She is a litigator focusing on professional regulation, health / mental health, civil and appellate litigation. Her appellate practice includes criminal and civil appeals. She takes on limited criminal matters at the trial level.

Naomi represents people from all walks of life – from police officers to people detained in psychiatric hospitals. She focuses her criminal matters on fraud, breach of trust, financial crimes, internet crimes and some sexual assault matters. She represents sexual assault victims in criminal proceedings. Naomi also advises businesses on governance matters and reviews complex agreements in high-stakes litigation for trial counsel. Naomi enjoys working with individuals of various backgrounds and lived experiences.

Naomi does not:

  • practice family law/child protection, do wills/estates, or some criminal matters.

  • offer free consultations, or work on pro bono or contingency

Naomi will only work on urgent matters for clients in good standing (topped-up retainer).

To contact Naomi, please complete the contact form below with a brief outline of the issue. You will receive a calendar invite with virtual meeting details if Naomi is able to help with your matter. Naomi has a busy practice and she and her team ask that you are precise and concise in your communications to ensure a timely and accurate response to your inquiry. Any inquiries that fall outside the scope of Naomi's practice will automatically receive a referral list and resources. This will be the extent of the response provided.


Naomi enjoys spending time with her co-counsel Charlie (not an actual lawyer), hiking, travel and mentoring young professionals.


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