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Naomi's Litigation Practice

Naomi represents everyday individuals, professionals, corporations, governments and non-profit organizations. Naomi can assist with criminal offences, regulatory offences, provincial offences, environmental offences, traffic offences or healthy and safety offences.

Her litigation practice includes professional discipline or professional regulation. Some of the professionals she advises includes other legal professionals, health professionals, educational professionals, early childhood education professionals and social work professionals. She can provide confidential advice regarding your professional responsibilities and help you navigate ethical issues with integrity. She represents clients before administrative decision makers at various tribunals and at regulatory agencies governing energy, human rights, information and privacy, and alcohol and gaming.

Naomi can initiate, defend and/or respond to claims and/or allegations. Naomi has experience advising employees under the Canada Labour Code and the Employment Standards Act, and she helps employees access their rights. She has a history of advocating for rights among the most vulnerable including workers rights, students rights and prisoners rights.


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