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Naomi's governance practice.

Naomi also assists with Indigenous governance matters. She advises both First Nations communities and individual community members. She can provide advice on drafting band council resolutions, by-laws, policies and procedures. Naomi can also offer guidance on employment policies, employment agreements, codes of conduct, conflicts of interest and legislative or regulatory compliance. Naomi has experiencing negotiating and drafting complex agreements between large corporations, federal ministries and First Nations communities.

Being a respected figure that is regularly in the media, Naomi understands what it is like for other professionals to navigate highly sensitive matters, whether personally or professionally. She can advise on your professional responsibilities in relation to your practice and your client's interests. She can help you develop a strategy. Naomi also advise on conflicts of interest or codes of conduct matters for professionals.

Her practice also includes advising on compliance matters for public, private and non-profit organizations. Naomi has previously developed legislative monitoring tools and she created a bot that monitors case law in a specific area of practice. She can help take the boring mess out of compliance.

Naomi can also help your organization develop best practices for oversight and compliance, including due diligence, process development, legislative and regulator compliance especially at the intersection of privacy and Indigenous rights. Naomi is also available for select legal education development and facilitation.


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