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#NewYear #NewMe

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Image reads Cheers to 2019.
Cheers to 2019!

As with all new beginnings, new year, new me! The past several years have been an adventure and I am excited to start a new one. I am not entirely sure that that will look like but as with all new opportunities, I am excited! As most of you may know, I previously wrote at the blog that I created, When I first created that blog, I had no intentions for it to grow into a space that inspired others (including policy makers and organizations around the world!). My only intention was to contribute to conversations that were taking place and create new conversations. In that intention, my goal was to challenge how people talked about Indigenous people, especially Indigenous women and girls in the media and in law. I kept writing from undergrad to my last year in law school after my dad passed.

After my dad passed in February 2017, I took a break to focus on my final year of law school and eventually, to focus on studying for the bar. Today, I am excited to share that it has been just over 6 months since I have been called to the bar and I am a practicing lawyer! From June 2017 until February 2018, I was also under a good character investigation. The delays not caused by me nor my lawyers. I wrote about that experience in this article for a national legal publication, The Trauma Of Proving My Good Character. I still receive (positive) feedback on this piece to this day. As part of my experiences being under a good character investigation, I put forward a proposal with a provincial bar association to advocate for change. Thanks to a great group of lawyers who all assisted. My regulator is expected to deliver a final report sometime in early 2019. You can watch for my comments in this space. The extra added costs, financial and emotional, of a good character investigation has taken a toll on me over the last year. If you would like to contribute to my work, you can always contribute here.

With that being all said, I have decided to share my work, thoughts and opinions. Publicly. Again. This will be a new space, talking about different things than I did on but just like Kwe Today, it will be a new space, creating new conversations!


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