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Tackling Online Harassment

Tackling Online Harassment
Tackling Online Harassment

Taking from the event link, here (use the link to sign up).

This is a talk to share my online harassment reporting tool that has the goal to serve 2 purposes: providing public legal education to others who experience online harassment and creating a record for the individual who is subject of the online harassment.

Any person who is reporting is open to selecting whether they would like me to follow up with them or refer them to others, as needed; this is ancillary to the 2 purposes identified above. I have been a victim of online harassment both as a lawyer and non-lawyer. While I am a lawyer and that affords me some privilege, as an Indigenous woman lawyer, I am not afforded all privileges that a white person may benefit from and experience.

Being a victim of online harassment as both a lawyer and non-lawyer, I have witnessed different reactions from policing agencies (duh!). I use my experiences online to develop safer experience for myself and I have been able to use this knowledge in practical ways. Seeing the number of times I had to repeat these practices to others I felt that building a reporting tool may be helpful.

+ Speakers:

Naomi Sayers is a lawyer and Indigenous feminist with nearly a decade of consultation experience. She regularly advises on issues relating administrative law, human rights, police abuse/violence, constitutional issues, lobbying and law reform initiatives, and non-profit entities. Naomi is proud to bring nearly a decade of consulting work to her clients and their files. She has previously provided consultation services to federal, provincial, and regional (municipal) governments. Naomi is frequently invited by the media to comment on pressing issues and issues of national importance or public interest, ranging from regulatory work to human rights commentary.

Twitter/IG/TikTok @kwetoday

+ Check-in details:

Webcams and mics optional, but encouraged!


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