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#COVID19Ontario: Stopped by an officer?

Updated: May 30, 2020

This post contains neither legal advice nor a guarantee, warranty or prediction in outcome. You should contact a lawyer for specific legal advice to your circumstances. This post appears on Naomi's TikTok and Instagram. There are some differences.

What if you are stopped by an officer during #COVID19Ontario?

What if you have to go out?

  1. Only go out if necessary.

  2. Bring proper ID (or mail? or a prescription? — try to bring something with your name on it).

  3. Practice physical distancing (i.e. 2 meters or 6 feet distancing from others).

  4. Tip: Try to gauge what 2m/6ft looks like to you. You can use your arms/legs stretched out if possible or use other physical markers that are known to you (two lengths of a cane?).

So what should you do if you are stopped?

  1. Provide ID upon request. The emergency order providing officers with the authority to demand ID during #COVID19 says that correct ID must be provided promptly, or risk being fined.

  2. Ask the officer for their name/card & reasons.

  3. Only ask the officer for their name/card & reasons if you feel it is safe to do so. Safe meaning safe from your perspective (#HarmReduction).

  4. Take notes immediately after to document the incident from your own perspective including how you felt and how the officer responded. Documenting an event may include telling a friend or family member (or someone you feel safe telling).

If this happens to you, email 📧 CCLA


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