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Social Media

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Image reads, Meet Naomi: Social Media
Social Media

Welcome, this outlines my social media practices as an advocate and lawyer.

Law Related Inquiries

All law related inquiries must be sent directly to my email Do not send confidential or privileged information unless you retain my legal services which cannot happen over a PM/DM. As a lawyer, I may have a professional obligation to call authorities under certain circumstances. PM/DM may be used to coordinate media and other connections.

Muting/Blocking Accounts

I mute/block very liberally, and sometimes, by mistake. I immediately block the following: 1) Rude, ignorant, abusive, or violent accounts; and 2) Accounts with no history/image/details/etc.

Sometimes accounts may engage in conversations I do not want to see. I try my best to limit what I do not want to see by first muting key words/hashtags/etc., then muting accounts and if these do not work, I block accounts. I also pre-emptively block and use lists. Blocking is nothing personal; I just rather not see some things in my feed.

Social Media Engagement

I will be happy to engage with you on social media when it comes to a range of topics. I am generally open to meeting new people to make connections and build relationships. I have a flat fee for people who want to “pick my brain” (or similar consultations) and you can email me at to schedule a time.


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