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October 2019: In Brief

Image reads, Meet Naomi: October, In Brief
October: In Brief

In October 2019:

  • I wrote something for HuffPo Opinion

  • I commented on the federal election here and here. (There is more out there but I was not keeping an active list #AmateurMove.)

  • I wrote some comments on the federal government’s decision to seek judicial review of the Caring Society’s compensation award decision.

  • I also wrote some things on the changes to the Canada Labour Code affecting Indigenous employees under the Code.

In my inbox and feeds:

  • My friend rebranded her law firm, check it out:

  • A mining company continues its mining…mines gon mine.

  • FSIN asks federal government to drop judicial review of child welfare decision.

  • Some shady actions by the department of justice’s lawyer toward Cindy Blackstock.

On my bookshelf:

  • I am reading JWR’s book and if you are into Indigenous rights and government policy like I am (hello!), then this book is for you. Once I am finished which should be any time soon, I will post more comments! Stay tuned!


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