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November 2019: In Brief

Naomi writes about her November in brief.
November 2019: In Brief

In November 2019:

  • I created a pinterest for my legal practice and you may see some new stuff there but generally, everything will also appear on my site or my blog. You can view that here.

  • I reviewed the last several years or so, from failures to accomplishments. There are two sides to every story and you can read some here.

  • The federal court reviewed the federal government’s application for judicial review (generally speaking, an appeal) of the Canadian human rights tribunal order to compensate children and/or their parents/grandparents as a result of discriminatory funding schemes. You can review my summary of that decision here.

  • I provide comments to CTV on the Caring Society case here.

  • And, I am a Certified Aboriginal Business by the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business!

In my inbox and feeds:

  • The only link that matters right now in my feed: federal court denies Ottawa’s attempt to pause the Caring Society compensation order (see above).

On my bookshelf:

  • Still reading JWR’s speeches! They give me life! More to come.


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