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July: In Brief

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Image reads: Meet Naomi, July, In Brief
July: In Brief

In July 2019

  • For July, I completed my final session on trauma-informed advocacy. Check it out!

  • I provided commentary on training judges in sexual assault training (td;lr: I don't agree). Read more here.

  • I give some tips on how manage grief/loss (or any challenge that seems outside of your control). Read more here.

  • I wrote some thoughts on Bill C-262, the bill that sought to harmonize Canada's laws with UNDRIP. Read more here.

In my inbox:

  • Alberta seeks to intervene in Supreme Court case on energy projects. Read more here.

  • The National Energy Board revalidates permits for construction in the Trans Mountain Project. Read more here.

  • Enbridge's easements expired in 2013, allowing them to occupy a Wisconsin Tribe's territory (the US-name for Indigenous communities); they want the pipeline removed. Read more here.

In my feeds:

  • There are important conversations happening on the hashtag #NotSoEqualVoice. Check it out. You can read a literature review of women working in Ontario's nonprofit sector here.

  • There are more drastic plans from Premier Doug Ford and they will continue to impact the most vulnerable and marginalized. Read more here.

  • An open-pit mine in the oil sands was approved in the public interest, despite having significant and permanent impact on the environment. Read more here.

  • Ontario government introduced regulation to pay for "eligible costs" for the cancelled-wind turbine project (as a result of the Ford government's initiatives). Read more here.

On my bookshelf:

  • I finished reading Political Risk: How Businesses and Organizations Can Anticipate Global Insecurity by Condoleezza Rice and Amy Zegart. It's a good read for in-house legal counsel who are working in climates impacted by political risks or any kind of risk really (environmental, cyber, privacy, etc). The book provides concrete examples throughout and provides an outline for each chapter, as well as an overall summary on adopting good risk management strategies. You can read more about that book here.


  • In case you missed it, I started a new project highlighting administrative law cases over at You can also follow the IndigiBot on twitter: @IndigiBot


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