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Holding Space During A Crisis

Naomi talks about holding space during COVID-19.
Holding Space

I heard a quote once about inclusivity. It went like this,

Diversity is "Everyone is welcome."

Inclusion is "This was made with you in mind."

For many, the legal profession does not feel like it was built with us in mind. And, for some of us, we are feeling the effects of this one-hundred times over right now!


  • I am holding space for up to five (5) other law students, articling students, or recently called lawyers.

  • Note: Lawyers not fitting the above may be considered on an ad-hoc or invite-only basis.


  • Every Wednesday at 4pm EST for 30 minutes only. You can join if you are in another time zone other than EST.


  • Details will be sent the day of the virtual gathering but it will be via Zoom.


  • Holding space looks different for many. For me, it's as simple as a phone call. The current climate does not change this for me. I have worked with marginalized and vulnerable groups in many different spaces/places and have a range of lived experience. I get it, in more ways than one. Now, I am a lawyer and providing services in a broad public law practice in a region considered north but not too north ;) I am still learning but I have learned a lot working on various projects for 8 years.

What do you have to do?

  • Reserve your spot and if you cannot make it, you do not have to explain (I get it too!), just cancel. Someone will be very grateful to take your spot--it's about respect for other people's time.

  • Your attendance will not be shared and it is requested that you do not share who attended or what we talked about.

  • You can reserve your spot here!

Times are a bit uncertain right now but I can hold space for you if you need it and if you feel like sharing space with others.

Let this be a moment where you can take what you need, leave what you don't and give what you can!

I am here for you even if you don't want to join these virtual gatherings, just send a little email to


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