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COVID-19 weeks of April 13 and April 20

Here is a list of some of the updates from the past couple of weeks at the federal level and in Ontario and Alberta. Here is my initial post from first couple of weeks. This post may be updated as circumstances change or a new post may link back to this post. This post is non-comprehensive and there may exist additional changes or notices elsewhere that are not summarized below. Readers should consult professional advice, legal or otherwise, when it comes to their own circumstances/situation.

Within the last couple of weeks, I had to take a step back and focus on some other matters. This resulted in some delays in writing. As such, there was no weekly posts over the last couple of weeks. This post is a compilation of both weeks.

Naomi outlines some updates at the federal, Ontario and Alberta levels of government during weeks of April 13 and April 20 during COVID-19.
Weeks of April 13 and April 20


Week of April 13

  • Canada announces a temporary reduction in Canadian land border crossings:

  • Canada introduces new requirements for travellers entering Canada to prevent spread of COVID-19.

  • New wage boost for essential works including those making under $2500 per month working on the frontlines and in grocery stores.

  • Canada announces guidance for high-risk and essential workers.

  • Death of an inmate related to COVID-19.

  • Indigenous Services announces new regulations regarding governance during time of COVID-19.

  • Canada recommends use of non-medial masks in Canadian transportation system.

Week of April 30

  • Canada announces a new website to enable sharing of pandemic resources and good practices.

  • Emergency wage subsidy calculator for employers.

  • Removal of barriers for international students working in essential services to fight COVID-19.

  • CSC releases a statement regarding a federal prison in BC.

  • Federal Court announced progression of cases in light of COVID-19.


Week of April 13

  • The Ontario Superior Court of Justice will not recommence criminal or civil jury selection or jury trials until September 2020 at the earliest.

  • Ontario extends declaration of emergency to May 12.

  • Ontario offers emergency child care to frontline staff.

Week of April 20


Week of April 13

  • Changes made to the Wills and Succession Act.

  • Alberta QB announces extra measures to protect the integrity of audio or videoconference proceedings.

  • Alberta announces support for caregivers.

  • Alberta provides protections for workers and food supply.

  • Alberta increases mental health supports in response to COVID-19.

Week of April 20


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