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COVID-19 Updates and then-some

For the month of April, I provided some updates regarding the news around COVID-19. You can review my last few posts if you care to review. Over the last few weeks, there are some changes regarding the governmental announcements with announcements including opening up some sectors. I did not write any updates during that time as I had to focus on some more urgent matters. This post is a general overview of some of the more prominent announcements which is not comprehensive in nature and you should consult a specific ministry or government for more information. The @indigibot continues to tweet out case law and legislation referring to COVID-19 or coronavirus but it is also organized here and updated every 1-2 weeks.

Naomi provides links to general updates regarding COVID-19.



  • Ontario extends the declaration of emergency to June 2 with some businesses gradually re-opening.

  • All emergency orders currently in force remain in effect until May 29 with some outdoors spaces allowed to re-open (outdoor fields or benches, among others).

  • Ontario announces an Independent Commission into long-term care following COVID-19 outbreaks. Listen to Nora Loreta on this radio show talk about some of the data she has been monitoring since COVID-19 outbreaks began.

  • Some businesses that are allowed to re-open announced late last week which include some construction and some medical/health services.

  • Ontario announced last week further supports for victims of gender-based violence and human trafficking during COVID-19. Oddly, I reached out to a national centre offering support for human trafficking victims but did not or could not provide me with any names of organizations helping human trafficking victims in my region, despite the allegations that the numbers of victims are prevalent. They were also quick to shut down despite only offering phone support or connections to other services (not sure why a full scale shut down is needed if you are not offering tangible services).

  • Ontario courts provide notice about proceedings and further adjournments.



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