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Call for Proposals

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Update: September 13, 2021; due to unforeseen circumstances, this project is on hold.

This is a call for book chapter proposals on the law of abuse of process in the practice of law in Canada. More details below.

Call for proposals: Abuse of process
Call for proposals: Abuse of process

Editors: Naomi Sayers and Christopher Folz

Deadline for Proposals: August 1, 2021

Deadline for Drafts: December 1, 2021

Other Timelines: To follow once author(s) commit to completing their book proposals. Other timelines will be limited for time / space for editors’ feedback/suggestions based on the theme of the book with authors’ providing further edits/revisions based on feedback/suggestions.

About: This is a call for book chapter proposals on the law of abuse of process in the practice of law. The proposal can highlight any area of law in a Canadian context. This will be a freely available resource and nobody including the editors will receive compensation for their work. Authors retain rights to their own work and accept any liability of same. The editors saw a need for a resource. Further details described below.

Content of Proposal: Your proposal must address the following:

  • Proposed title

  • Proposed author(s)

  • Proposed topic with an abstract (i.e. summary) as well as 5-8 proposed key words (i.e. abuse of process, criminal litigation, legal theory, administrative decision makers)

  • Three high-level points why your proposed book chapter will contribute to a practitioner’s understanding and/or application of abuse of process in any area of law proposed in the book chapter

  • There is no limitation on your book proposal but please note that your proposal should strive to be concise.

  • Note: Your proposed book chapter can highlight any area of law (criminal, civil litigation, settlement discussions, professional regulators, etc.)

Additional Information: You will not be paid for your work. The editors will not be paid. Nobody is receiving any sort of cash to complete this work. As fellow solo practitioners and frequent co-counsel on files, we have discovered a need for a wide and varied discussion on abuse of process. A book chapter proposal does not guarantee your proposal will be selected. We promise to keep all proposals confidential and all proposal ideas belong to the proposed author(s) who, once accepted for publication, will sign publication agreements that ensure proposed author(s) also accept liability of same. We won’t own your chapters once published; you can freely publish elsewhere.

Once accepted, we will contact proposed authors to determine whether they wish to author the proposed book chapter as we understand circumstances change for author(s). The authors who agree to write the proposed book chapter will do so by the end of the year.

We invite proposals from proposed authors who come from equity seeking groups who are historically and presently under-published or face significant barriers to publication. We also welcome any year of practice or call to submit a proposal.

Any questions should be addressed to the editors by emailing both (expect a response in 3 business days but editors will aim to provide a quicker response). Please send proposals to:


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