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August: In Brief

Image reads: Meet Naomi, August: In Brief
August: In Brief

In August 2019:

  • I provided commentary on a case involving a young Indigenous woman who was charged with driving while impaired.

  • I ask, where are the women in the federal carbon tax appeals?

  • I developed a social media practice and policy. You can read that here.

  • I remember my best friend in this post.

In my inbox and feeds:

On my bookshelf:

I read Susanne Reber’s and Robert Renaud’s updated Starlight Tour: The Last Lonely Night of Neil Stonechild last month. It was an intriguing read because it provided insight into how an external policing agency may conduct investigations against other policing agencies and how police should (and should not) conduct investigations in Indigenous communities. I recommend it as reading for other recently called lawyers including those outside of criminal law.


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